Android O leaked in Moto G4 advertisement.


The developers behind Android seems to stick with the Alphabetic version release of their products, its quite tune in with the parent Alphabet company that owns everything once considered to be owned by Google. The future Android version will be ” Android O”, despite the fact that 99% of Android users haven’t tested The current Android N versions on their devices yet.

Even a handful Google Nexus device owners have yet downloaded the Android N Preview version on their devices, but still Moto G4 makers have claimed that their recently introduced smartphones will get the next Gen Android O update in on of their Advertisement published in China, as seen in the image above.


May be this is the strategy to let their customers know that although that you have the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow loaded in current Moto G4 devices, You will be getting Android 7.0 N (Nutella) and even the Android 8.0 O (may be Oreo) as well. So that means Moto G4, G4 Plus and G4 Play are quite ready to adopt the future Android OS version, no matter when they are made available for public. Now the question is will “Android O” be a dessert, a candy, chocolate or  a cookie??


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