Android sales continue to grow in Spain although the iPhone 6 is the most sold device

iphone 6 and android sales

There comes a new month, and with it, we have adopted new figures on operating systems with Kantar World Panel recording data until February. Here it is true that we find with few surprises: Android still dominates in selling new phones with a slight increase in its share (from 87% to 87.6%), iOS grows over last year thanks to the efforts of the new iPhone (from 6.9% to 8.7%) but falls over previous months and Windows Phone is the most lost: in one year has grown from 4.9% to 2.9%.

According to figures provided by Kantar, the iPhone 6 has been the best selling phone in Spain in the period between December 2014 and February 2015. In fact, it may seem obvious, the figures also confirm that smartphones are increasingly Popular among Spanish: 82.5% of sales of new mobile phones are these smartphones, while last year at this time was only 73%.

iphone 6 sales in spain

We ended up with another statistic on mobile telephony in Spain, in this case on operators.Movistar has been the favorite of consumers when buying a phone with an operator, to capture 25% of these sales . Near, Orange, with 24%. The remaining somewhat sagging is Vodafone, which has to settle for 17%.

iphone 6 and android sales in US

While in Spain Android is stable and with sales exceeding 87% of phones in other countries its domain is not so overwhelming. If we consider the figures of the five largest countries in Europe (Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain), Android down to 67.6%. In China, the arrival of the iPhone 6 has been noted with interest: iOS has risen to 27.96% setting a record , with 9.7% more than last year at this time.

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