Angry Birds Go Hack with Unlimited Coins and Gems for iPhone and other iOS devices.

Angry Birds GO

Angry Birds and its series is no doubt the most played Rovio’s game and has been downloaded 100’s of millions of times on all mobile devices around the globe. The recipe however got old, so the developers at Rovio thought to add more flavor in their all time hit game. So they came up with Angry Birds Go!  A same themed game with extra racing characteristics added to the core.

Now you have to Race these Angry birds with the notorious Pigs clans. The game play is fun and is quite addicted as the previous series of Angry Birds games. We at as always came up with the best Hacked or modded version of the game which is loaded with infinite/ unlimited numbers of Coins and Gems needed to purchase better Karts and other important upgrades in the game.

This Angry Birds Go Hack fro iPhone and other iOS devices is loaded with Unlimited Coins and Gems, will help you buy new Karts, and fill up the required energy for the tired birds after the long races. In game play you have to wait for the Gems to get filled or you have to pay for the different packages to get some extra coins but with this method you will get all needed Gems and Coins for free.

This Angry Birds GO! Hack and tutorial is for the iOS ( Apple devices) for Android devices you can check this link [ Angry Birds Go! Hack fro Android ]

What is available in this Angry Birds Go Hack:

Follow the tutorial and you will have 900,000,000 + coins in your wallet and 800,000,000 gems too. All the Karts in this hack are already at their maximum performance. This hacked version lets you try other higher level Karts too all of them are unlocked and can be used for any Race.

All the characters are also unlocked too. Carry on playing and you will find more awesome aspects of the game while you make progress with such boosted start.


How to Hack Angry Birds Go on iPhone and other iOS devices:

All you have to do is follow this tutorial, working on both Jailbreak and non-Jailbreak devices. Note that it has a modded Saved file which will replace the files in the system directory of the game. So if you want those original files you should back up your data.

1- First of all you need is this iFunBox 3rd party program to get into the system directories of your iOS device.
2- Download and Install the iFunBox on your PC/ MAC


3- Once it is installed all you have to do is connect your device to the computer using USB cable.
4- Make Sure that the Game is not Running in the background.
5- The program should recognize your device automatically. Switch to the iFunbox Classic tab, and navigate to your device -> User Applications -> Angry Birds -> Documents.
6- As I said earlier it is recommended that you back up your current save files so that you can always revert back to the safe state if something goes wrong. To back up your files, select all files on the right side, right-click, and choose Copy To PC. In the new Explorer window, create a new folder, and put your files in there.
7- Now go to this Link and Download the Angry Birds Go! save file.

8- It is a Zip file once the download process is completed, right-click on the file, and choose Extract All. The results are two files: save_guest.dat and save_guest_backup.dat

9- While the iFunbox window is still showing the User Applications/Angry Birds/Documents folder, drag the two extracted files to the iFunbox window, and it will automatically override the previous save game. Or in other words you can copy the files from your PC/ MAC too.
10- Now disconnect your iPhone or iOS device and start Angry Birds Go! …


Here you go, you will see the above screen with unlimited Coins and Gems in your game with all Karts are maximized and the TopSpeed, Acceleration, handling and strength bars all at peak.

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