App Store Apps Prices are already Start Risen in Europe


We knew it would happen and has happened. The prices of the App Store have experienced a significant increase after the entry into force of the new European law for calculating tax digital goods before 15% of Luxembourg, the country in which iTunes Sarl is based, and now 21% of Spain, where we are we as end customers.¬†As you can see in this comparative my wish list from the App Store, all applications costing 0.89 euros yesterday have risen to 0.99 euros, from 1.79 to 1.99, from 4.49 to 4 99 … registering more noticeable jumps in apps from 5.49 euros to be expensive until 6.99 euros.

appstore (1)

Not dish liked by anyone, but at least trust that this means that now taxes are applications that bought the Spaniards to stay in Spain. Another positive note is the 14 days we have now to return your purchases in digital stores the block if we are not satisfied with them, a right that can also boost ( more ) sales to give more security to consumers.

Under the new law, the services provided electronically, including apps, are priced in the country of residence of the buyer so that the Spaniards spend 15% and above our usual 21%.The change means that an app with a typical price of 0.89 euros will cost 0.93 euros, while a EUR 4.49 increase to 4.72 euros.

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