Apple already has a patent pointing to future iPhones with curved screen


It seems that the controversial bendgate is already forgotten, but Apple just received the grant of a patent that just talks about the ability of future electronic devices have signed to be flexible .The patent, which was requested in September 2011, has been granted now, and that could mean that future mobile (not mobile) devices Apple may be provided with curved screens. Here we imagine iPhones or iPads, but also curved monitors or televisions if the Cupertino firm commitment finally by this type of segment, which at first seems improbable.The patent describes various aspects that characterize these products, such as the display type, sensors, speakers, batteries or materials. In these products seems that instead of metal plastic, glass and composite fibers would be used to allow a better resistance in the day.


Those responsible for drafting the patent application from Apple indicated therein that flexible electronic devices ” may be more resistant to damage in case of falls that the flexible device can bend or deform while absorbing the impact . “

In addition to the properties of these flexible devices Apple also describes new ways to interact with a flexible iPhone, including support for recognizing gestures in which the force with which would perform certain actions were activated. For now LG is the only manufacturer that has invested heavily in these devices-the LG G Flex 2 has been presented at the CES – but for now these curved screens do not seem to have caught on with consumers.