Apple App Store crossed 50 billions Downloads Mark.

Apple has just achieved yet another milestone on wednesday indicating that the Apple’s App Store has surpassed the 50 Billion downloads. This figure has been surpassed after 14 months after Apple announced 25 Billion apps download from its popular market.

Apple has launched the app store in July 2008 and it is going t celebrate it’s 5th birthday in 2 months time. The company’s first milestone came in January 2011 when the store surpassed 10 billion downloads, followed by 25 billion last March. Apple will reward the individual who downloaded the 50 billionth application with a $10,000 App Store gift card and 50 runners-up will each receive a $500 card. You can be the lucky guy if you have downloaded tons of apps with in last week. 

However on the other hand side  the competition is on and Android is also head to head with the report published by the Developers at Google Play store suggests that Android also has over 700,000 apps at their popular Google Play store. There are no reports how many apps have been downloaded from the google play store but it is quite sure that the number will be quite close to what Apple has just shown on their record boards.

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