Apple had requested a patent for a wireless Touch Screen.

Apple's patent search

Apple has decided to step forward and show some competition to it’s rival as the Cupertino giant decided to invest some extra earned bucks in to a new gadget to capture some more consumers. Apple customers have been always satisfied with the company’s performance that helps Apple in  achieving some huge sale numbers. Samsung is the only gadgets maker that is running beside Apple in every corner but still couldn’t catch up with them yet.

Apple has filed a patent on a new design that seem convertibles but Apple has suggested a new name to it with the details not revealed yet . While these design have been already mentioned in patent suits under the authority of Android and Windows, to be exact by Google and Microsoft. Both Microsoft and Google have already made many such controvertible designs. We can found in the recently announced range of Windows 8 and in Android market too.

In this Apple patent as shown in the given diagram the screen detaches from the keyboard and body portion, which isn’t in itself terribly unique, but the screen in Apple’s version communicates with the brains in the base via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless communication protocols, meaning all the serious computing work is still handled by the traditionally located GPU and CPU. The screen itself is touch-sensitive, but doesn’t act as a standalone tablet in quite the same way it does in some new Windows device designs.

The screen also can charge wirelessly via the same kind of tech used in induction charging, drawing power from the base. What Apple describes here isn’t so much a convertible tablet, but more of a MacBook with a screen that solves the clumsy issue of how to use touch effectively on a notebook by allowing it to temporarily come off the base for more ergonomic touch-based interaction. Apple has talked about how touch doesn’t work on a traditional computer form factor in the past; this is one way around that.


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