Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be low in Supply on Friday

Iphone 5s, gold

Apple is setting the iPhone 5S to go on sale officially this Friday. But Apple is facing supply constraints and it is suggested by the reports it will be due to poor yields of the hyped fingerprint sensor. Analysts and well connected tech reviewers says the web won’t be short of the reviews and first impressions. For the rest of us, however, the war will fought in front of Apple stores and other authorized retailers worldwide.

The iPhone 5S will possibly create a situation like at the time of iPhone 5;

iPhone5S low Supply issue

Before Friday Apple will not take any iPhone 5S pre-orders, so you have to stand in long lines. It unlikely become a tradition of resistance on the way of iPhone after launch. And many people standing in line are probably there just to see what all the problem is about. 9t05Mac claimed that the new iPhone inventory at many Large Apple Stores across the U.S is around 70 to 80 iPhone 5C models. Which also giving the same means that  iPhone 5S will be in low in supply.

Talking on Other iPhone Variants like AT&T is supposed to be more plentiful than Verizon models. Another analysis suggesting that the 16GB and 32GB variant will be spread widely, more than the 64 GB variant.


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