Apple TV 3 IH8SNOW jailbreak tool still found working.


The Apple TV 3 has been there for the users for some time now and it has been one of the most sold smart TV introduced by the cupertino company. There have been reports that there have been some work in progress for the Apple TV 3. There has been recently a tweet has been posted by the team iH8snow claiming that the work for the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak has been in progress, so that we can have a good news in office so far.

In adding to their hopeful statement the team behind the SnowBreeze who have been working on a new iBoot exploit which has been seen in different A5 series devices jalibreak have been added as the main starter in this project. There have been the same exploit of the same iBoot featured in previous A5 X series chipset devices by Apple.

So we can say that this new iBoot exploit will be used as the main jailbreak tool for the Apple TV 3 as it has been claimed in a recent clarification by the MuscleNerd, who has been always ready to crack this Apple TV 3 cookie with the help of all the tools he has available.


‏Generally, FireCore usually work on Apple TV jailbreak, but this hacker team had pointed out that ” the jailbreak prospect is not optimistic” as early as the end of 2012, and we have not heard any news about the Apple TV 3 jailbreak in the past year and a half , this really made many jailbreak users frustrated. Now with iH8sn0w intervention, We are confident that the Apple TV 3 jailbreak coming soon.

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