Apple TV 4K now will have the UHD and HDR support,will be available in two prices $199(64 GB) and $179(32GB)

So alongside Apple 8, Apple 8 plus and Apple X the Apple has also introduced the Apple TV 4K which is approx an year late but will have some very magnificent features and visual results this time.The latest hardware  as expected, will support both 4K Ultra-HD and HDR streams.Apple TV 4K will support Netflix in 4K Ultra-HD, and Apple will move forward with the integration of Amazon Video into tvOS later this year.

As this is another sensational product from Apple so it will also give you goosebump as it has the A10X Fusion Chip, making it twice as fast as the current Apple TV.This time it has the new version of the tvOS.The Customers who purchased the HD films from iTunes will get the free updasion of their devices to 4K.

The TV’s are available in two different prices $199(64GB) and $179($32GB).This time they are introducing the Dolby Vision which is being the most successful company for enabling the best visual and brighter content in the display.It is coming in the market on the September 22, 2017.Be the buyer and get yourself into the real class that you desired for.This Apple’s video streaming box will surely give you what you don’t had seen before.

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