Apple Watch: 8GB of space, 2 GB for music and 75 MB for photos


If you believed that iOS already had many limitations with its space (especially on devices16GB ), prepare: from 9to5Mac confirm that Apple Watch divide its 8 GB of available space in areas of limited storage depending on the type of data you want to save .

We can make use of most of the functions remotely storing it all on an iPhone, but in case you want to save data within the Watch will have certain barriers. We can only store up to 2GB of music and 75 MB (yes, megabyte) photographs .

Eye, do not light the torches. 2 GB of music corresponds perfectly to what we can save on an iPod shuffle, 200 songs . More than enough if we listen to music in our workouts and sports. And those 75 MB of photographs, as are optimized for small screen clock, leaving room for a good album of our most valuable snapshots.


We must also think that Apple Watch is not intended for storage device . They are only 8GB of storage, and I play whatever you want in that little will be left of that space once you apply a format files and reinstalled the operating system.And not to mention all data that occupy the applications we use, which is accentuated once the SDK allows developers stop running remotely from the iPhone and make it directly using the power of the clock.

Everything is a matter of how it is used. And being a completely new product, nobody knows exactly how it will be used. No, not even Apple. That depends on the applications that developers do, and ideas they have

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