Apple will increase the size limit of Applications upto 4GB


Apple has decided to double the size limit application of its digital store, reaching up to 4GB maximum. Previously applications could occupy only 2GB, but we have seen this past year as their size has been increasing gradually. We saw a few months ago with  iOS 8.1.1 update Cupertino 500Mb we returned to our devices.

The reasons for this increase can be many: Due to the increased resolution of the latest Apple devices, the files are greater or because applications and games increasingly become more complex, to provide devices with a higher power, making them require more storage space.


At first this is good news for developers, especially for those that 2GB is falling short in some respects and had to cut features of their games or applications, to meet the space limit.

But users may not be as “good” news , especially for those with devices with less storage space and longer saw lately as space was quite limited. Since we gave some advice to see what applications or games that take up more space on your iPhone or iPad .


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