Apple’s new cheaper iPhone image leaked.

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We have read about the cheaper variant of the Apple’s next iPhone beside a regular most expected iPhone 5S. Tactus a famous case manufacturer has just published the photo of a case or back cover of Apple’s new budget iPhone. It resembles more like a Nokia Lumia style back cover. The size also suggests that it could have a larger display than the normal Apple elongated display. The price range is already described in many leak reports would be around $300.

If we compare it with Apple’s best sold iPhone 4/4s, this one looks much taller and wider. Tactus has claimed the dimensions of the phone are at 120mm high and 65 mm wide. That will be a bit shorter but more wider than the current iPhone 5. Current iPhone’s width is 2.31 inches while the plastic back cover we witnessed in this image is 2.55 inches wide.  It will be still quite less in width if we compare it with Android sales leader Samsung Galaxy SIII which was 2.78 inches wide and the current Galaxy S4 is 2.82 inches wide.

Apple has always been denying the rumor of a cheaper iPhone, while analyst were busy in determining the specifications of this plastic phone in each and every article they publish about the future of the iPhone. But we had the confirm reports of this version of iPhone a week ago and we mentioned it in our article about the upcoming budget iPhone which will be  priced around $350 to $400. But according to the geeks at Tactus it will cost $300 only. May be they are correct in this regard, because they have the only cover which everyone is busy in analyzing the phones specifications.

This cheaper version of phone and the white cover suggests that this iPhone will be available in multi colors. We have been reported about the color factor also without the sophistication of colors name like samsung always do,  Apple’s next budget iPhone will be presented in black, white, blue, red and yellow.

This budget version of iPhone will have a 5 megapixel rear camera with a possibility of front camera which hasn’t confirmed in any leaked reports yet. The device will have an A5 processor packed with 1GB of RAM.

Rumors are still rumors but if we consider Apple’s case if some rumor is going hot, than every body must be sure that Apple is going to take that step. Because history tells us that these smartphone makers love to spread the buzz all over the place before they show what they actually made. Anyways this will be a good news who wants Apple to come up with something different like multicolor budget devices etc. 

We will try our best to bring more about this Apple’s interesting project. keep in touch with us.

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