Attack on Titan Season 3 2018 has something special coming up.

Here we are with the Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titans has been a fountain of shocking revelations. Are you still recovering from the big one a couple weeks ago? Probably not quite so surprising is fact that season 2 of the anime ended with the notice that there will be a season 3. That appeared at the end of the today’s broadcast of episode 37, “Scream” and told fans to look for the anime’s return in 2018.

Some of the main features that we are looking forward in the upcoming Attack on Titan Season 3 2018

The main features of AOT Season 3:

1. The new Levi Squad
2. Erwin’s character development (THIS ONE IS A MUST)
3. Levi and Hanji torturing a dude
4. Armin killing a dude
5. Erwin’s abs

6. Levi’s abs
8. Heads blow up like birthday baloons
9. Erwin’s beat up face
10. Rod Reiss titan
11. Levi’s past
12. Historia’s coronation
13. Basically every single part that actually happens in the godamn manga.


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