Lumia 820, Lumia 920

Nokia shows dominance in the Windows Phone market.

Nokia is gaining momentum, Yes, however it’s quite slow as compared to the infrastructure and Human Resources the company have, But yet it’s been significant as we know the company was on a famous ” Burning Platform“, as quoted by […]

WhatsApp google, Google purchase, WhatsApp urchase

Why Google want to buy WhatsApp for $1 Billion.

  We have received  Rumors coming from sources close to both companies say that Google and WhatsApp are negotiating a possible agreement by which the search giant would buy the famous instant messaging company. The disclosed amount seems to be […]

Nexus 4, GPU overclock, Overclock nexus 4 GPU
Hacks & Cracks

How to modify and overclock Nexus 4 GPU.

  You might have faced some lagging issues while using High-end Android Smartphone, and when you have a number of games and other apps dumped in your device you will feel your device much slower […]

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