Background Video Play can be done with VLC for Android.


VLC was developed by video LAN project. It’s a free and open source media player available on Google play store, the users do not need to worry that you have to make huge payments in dollar to get the service it’s absolutely free of cost. It supports many audio and videos files format as well as DVDs and VCDs etc. VLC is the most adored media player consisting of millions of users worldwide that fulfills their media and audio playback need. The unique ability that makes it different from other media players is that it can handle all type of media and input formats. It can play any format from MP4 to AVI to MOV, MKV, M2TS, WV, AAC, or FLAC. VLC is consisting of multiple collections of useful and exciting features. It also supports multi-track audio and subtitles, gesture controls, and aspect-ratio adjustments.

In 2012 VLC was available for Android. The recent update of VLC for android has experienced nice looking update and the users can witness multiple changes to VLC whether on Smartphone or tablet.

The latest update version 1.3.2 of VLC Android supports for background video playback and provides interface of the audio player and the delay control is also activated.


The new update brought a changes look in the audio player. There is a new album view and side bar, new file browser, improved searching, new lollipop elements and simplified video player. The developer also resolved many bugs and errors related to SD card browsing and hardware acceleration for TS file.

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