Backup Samsung Galaxy S5 Data including Contacts, Calender and Apps.


There are  a lot of smartphones out in the market but this empire has been ruled by Samsung and Apple. Samsung Galaxy S5 is the current flagship device of the Korean Smartphone makers. Most of us do save a lot of data in our smartphones, thanks to the extra storage availability by adding microSD card slot in these phones. But this adds to the danger of losing the data if your card didn’t work.

Today we will let you know that how to Backup Samsung Galaxy S5 Data in this guide. This is a part of our series of guides in which we discuss different issues and problems face by users and we will like to solve them. In this useful guide you will know how to Backup Wi-Fi Password in Samsung Galaxy S5, App data backup in Galaxy S5, Phone settings, Google Servers and all other most used setting like contacts , Calender and browsing data etc.

All you have to do is follow this step by step guide to make a backup of Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Data both Online and offline.

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S5 Settings and WiFi Passwords:

Step 1:- First of all press the Home Button to navigate to the Home Screen.

Step  2:- Navigate to Settings -> Accounts -> Backup Option

Step 3:- Next tap on “Backup and Reset”.

Step 4:- Check the option “Backup My Data”  and “Automatically Store”.

That’s All! Wait for the backup to be completed.

How to Backup Galaxy S5 Contacts, Calender and Internet Data:

Step 1:- Again press the Home Button to navigate to the Home Screen.

Step 2:- Navigate to Settings -> Accounts -> Backup Option

Step 3:- Now tap on Cloud.

Step 4:- Next to take its backup, simply tap on backup and the process will be initiated. Please note that this process will use WFi.


Meanwhile you can save your Contacts with the help of some useful apps too that are available in the Google Play Store. You can download those apps and save your contacts and application data by Synchronizing your data with the application. You can save these contacts with the Google Account as well.  You can also import and Export Samsung Galaxy S5 Contacts by using following method.

Step 1:- First, tap on application drawer icon from the home screen of your Galaxy S5.

Step 2:- Now tap on contacts.

Step 3:- In Contacts tap on Menu button, you can find it on the left side of your phone.

Step 4:- Select Import/Export.

Step 5:- Select from the following options when a pop-up appears.

  1. Export to USB storage
  2. Export to SD card
  3. Export to SIM card

Step 6:- Confirm the action by tapping on Yes.

This is online backup process so it will take some time depending on your internet speed. Once the Contact backup completes you will be notified with the notification in top bar. Hope you would have like this guide. If you have any issue you can comment in the link given below.

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