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Bad mistake: error ousting old Labour leader:

KEIR STARMERBad mistake: error ousting old Labour leader (4,7)
OEDIPUSFamous reference work has one ousting old form of “complex”?
PECCATUMFault, error or sin
LAPSESlip, error (5)
INFLUENTIALBad fault in line is having an impact
BLUNDERBUSSIt’s a big mistake to smack and one could be fired (11)
ANTONYMNew man carries Old Labour leader or the opposite (7)
LIVINGSTONEKen – – -, former Labour MP who was Mayor of London 2000-2008 (11)
FOOTSLOGGERSMarchers, those wielding an axe on behalf of an old Labour leader? (12)
BEVINOld Labour leader could stay at home and capture lover’s heart (5)
FOOTSTOOLOld Labour leader”s appliance has a place of rest (9)
DOOLALLYOut to lunch, party supporter impresses old Labour leader (8)
TENDERFOOTSentimental old Labour leader a new employee of mine (10)
GAITSKELLGill takes out old Labour leader (9)
COR BLIMEYI’m surprised old Labour leader briefly eats fruit (3,6)
FOOTPRINTOld Labour leader’s image making an impression on the ground (9)
TO SPEAK OFWorth mentioning old Labour leader’s upset over special summit (2,5,2)
BLURSmear former Labour leader in Liverpool? (4)
THE BILL(After 25) Pay former Labour leader to join TV programme (3,4)
FOOTAGEPart of film from former Labour leader”s time (7)
FOOT AND MOUTHFormer Labour leader and Speaker making complaint, attacking the cloven-hoofed! (4-3-5)

Bad Mistake Error Crossword Clue

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Bad Mistake Error Crossword Clue Possible answer:

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