BBM coming to Nokia X , Lumia and other Asha series phones soon.


After the release of BlackBerry’s trade mark messenger BBM for Android and iOS devices, the company seems more interested to make it available on every cell phone being used on this planet now, and For that they RIM Canada is in contact with Nokia to release the Windows and the Nokia OS versions of the BBM for the millions of Nokia users across the globe.

This move to widen the users base of the BBM service can be regarded as the only success story for RIM recently as the millions of messenger downloads on both Android and iOS platforms has made it the most used messaging app after the famous WhatsApp which has been bought by Facebook for $19 billion. With in the last 4 months since the BBM messenger made available for the iOS and Android Platforms the number of downloads has increased to 100 million with tons of new users started using the app.

In this regard, David Proulx, BlackBerry’s Senior Director of BBM, explained the whole situation as, “Through our relationship with Nokia, we see a great opportunity to increase the reach of BBM, particularly in emerging markets, many of which are already strong spots for BBM. With Nokia being such a proactive and engaged partner to work with, it really simplifies this process and provides us with even greater opportunities going forward.”

The company is eyeing to make it a free messaging app same as what the did for the Android and iOS devices. The developers are busy already to make it available for Nokia X, Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha devices. Nokia has currently announced the Nokia X series phones that runs on a custom Android OS, this is the 3rd platform for Nokia after making lots of Nokia OS ( Previously Symbian) and Windows Phone devices.


With all the collaboration between Nokia and RIM, the BB’s senior director further added, “BBM operates under a mutual authentication model whereby you need to request people to connect with. They need to accept that request before any communications can take place. You therefore determine your BBM social graph. We also wanted to make it easy to find your friends on BBM so anyone using BBM will be able to see who from their existing contacts is already using BBM so that they can connect with the people that they know. You also have the choice of inviting non-BBM contacts, where they will be given the option to download the app, regardless of whether they’re using a Windows Phone, Nokia X, Android, iOS or BlackBerry device.”

What do you think about the BBM app for Nokia Lumia or Nokia Asha devices? are you anticipating already? let us know by commenting in the section below.

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