Beginners Guide to Play-to-Earn Games

Entering the cryptocurrency world is now easy as there are different ways you can earn even if you don’t have any capital. There are different learn-to-earn platforms, airdrops, and bounties. And you can even use crypto to bet on sports like NBA parlay picks. The benefits and activities with crypto are boundless, and all you need is to find the right spot for you.

If you’re a gamer, you should focus on the Play-to-Earn section. You don’t need to be a pro gamer before you can start earning real money when you play video games. You only need to understand how it works and how you can begin. In that case, it is easy for you to begin once you already have your gamers. You should read this beginner’s guide to crypto play-to-earn games to get started. 

Play-to-Earn Games

What Does Play-To-Earn Mean?

If this is your first time hearing about Play-to-Earn, it is a new trend in the gaming industry where players can farm or collect in-play game assets and sell or trade them for real money. This concept is possible thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs. These technologies allow peer-to-peer interactions in addition to the true ownership of in-game items. 

You can earn an income when you play these games, and we’ve seen many players earn high with them. These games come with many money-making opportunities, even for beginners that are just getting started. You will mostly need to buy an NFT to play the games whereby you can make enough money to get back all your investment.

Many games are now embracing this kind of model. You can now play action games, racing games, fighting, shooters, MMORPGs, etc. We are seeing a different side to the gaming industry, and many mainstream developers are starting to show interest in non-fungible tokens. The games offer an incentive to keep going by collecting all they can find or simply trying to make more money.  

Benefits of P2E

The P2E gaming concept can be beneficial to developers as it comes with many incentives for players to give the games a try. The promise of getting rewards and turning them into actual cash is attractive. Although not everybody will make it big with P2E games, they still have the chance to enjoy a fun experience with various monetary incentives. 

These games also create opportunities for targeted ads as it is one of the best ways to make money as a developer. With blockchain, sponsored tournaments can be hosted instead of the traditional advertising money-making concept. The games also support NFT-based land spots. Therefore, you can sell to earn a commission from resales or other financial activities happening on the plots.

For players, there is an exciting market with the P2E concept. Although most players are drawn to the rewards, there is also the chance to participate in a broader and more diverse ecosystem.  You can play some P2E games through your mobile or desktop devices. However, some might specifically require a PC or console.

What You Should Know

Before you jump in, you should know that these games are not essentially free-to-play. Most of the games you might want to play would require that you buy an NFT before you can explore the new opportunities. As a result, you should be sure that you understand the NFT market and how it works before you proceed. 

NFT is key to P2E games, and they can come as cheap or expensive, especially with the gas fees. Therefore, you should take the time to learn more about the different areas of this concept before you get started. You can always check out their utilities, how you can get one, and where you can buy one of them.   

Future Projections

We can’t say if P2E gaming would be sustainable and successful in the long run. But one thing is sure: it has the attractiveness to take the public. Many gamers would benefit from this new gaming concept. However, since it can be costly to mint NFT, there will be some reservations from newbies, and the attraction can start dwindling.

However, there are now over 1,300 P2E games that you can enjoy on the blockchain, and many more are set to enter the market. The main challenge is to keep users because players can easily jump to another game. As a result, developers need to start implementing long-term ideas into their games. That way, there is a chance for P2E in the future. 

Final Verdict

Play-to-earn games are one of the most interesting parts of blockchain and web3.0. Many gamers who want to participate in this budding industry now have perfect access as the world of video gaming and Web3.0 finally meets. P2E gives many newbies the chance to enjoy their gaming experience while they earn rewards, making it a perfect entry point for any new player.

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