Best 5 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Mac And Windows PC.


We all are well aware of Photoshop by adobe, it has gone so common that every teenager, adult or may it be kid is familiar with this software. Now a day we see any image that looks like extra beautiful, the first thing that comes to our mind is “It must have been Adobe Photoshop” so this is the power of brand. Adobe has created its brand very powerful with supporting brand elements and people have gone to the stage of resonance in love of this brand they have become loyal. But it is not the case of every individual some of us may not like Adobe Photoshop at all and we may want to download any other software for photo editing purpose.

Now there is a good news we do have a list of other software which are used for this same purpose for those who don’t like using Adobe Photoshop for one reason or another may it be that they don’t like the interface or else they don’t know how to use it or any other reason so here is the list with a brief introduction of these software. So here are the best top 5 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Mac and PC running Windows.

1- PIXELMATOR (MAC / $29.99)

Pixelmator is specially designed for MAC OS it has got all the options and it has got a good user interface you can use it easily without any special assistance. All the options of photo editing are there in this software and it is designed in such a way that each option has its own location so you can turn back immediately after selecting the option of your choice, with the Mac in mind – the engineering team after the app have been able to consume the latest OS X technologies and features. The app is extremely powerful. Vector tools allow for the creation of spectacular compositions, including – but not limited to – logos, full Web layouts and bespoke posters in only $29.99.



Gimp is another software that is used for this same editing purpose but its unique graphics and full range options make it more useable for users and people mostly go for it because it is free of cost and surely it’s a great value because it has got the stunning graphics just as the professional photo editing touch anyone can download it over the network and it is specially designed for Windows but we can also have it in MAC and Linux OS. Hardware provision for several third-party devices is obtainable, as is wide support for collective file types.


Affinity photos is a new application for mac and is currently n its beta phase. This new application for photo editing takes editing to the next not only offers bundle of editing tools like instant redraw function, but also promises quality and speed. This new package is offered by serif (Europe) Ltd.



Well this photo editing software can be purchased for $99 an expensive one but it is really cost effective. The variety of tools it offers and the professional touch while editing photos make it unique and the most used photo editing software for professionals. The best part is that it does not cover the large space in your computer memory and can be run with the little RAM in your computer it does not make it heavy. The full variety of editing tools, making multifaceted route forms is a gust with the built-in tools, as is creating and handling layers and groups.


5- is another photo editing software specially designed for windows and the best part is that it is completely free and you do have the full excess to all its tools and features that too free of cost. Instinctive user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. It has the history it was developed by the under-graduate student as a final project and now it has been looked after by its alumni. It is a good alternative for windows built in paint.

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