Best Android Games Right Now you Can’t Put Down!

The Google Play Store has lots of games to offer for Android users, with most of them being free of charge. Well, that’s what they claim to be, but you may find that playing your game of choice requires in-game purchases. Nevertheless, we have a list of games that Android users will love and don’t feel that these games are just for kids; adult games are fun too!

We’ve got something for everyone, from puzzles, adventures, racing, and a whole host of other titles, so let us get straight to it.

Adventure Games

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

For adventure game lovers, there is no better choice than Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery. A game about exploration and discovery. You’re encouraged to take in all the elements around you. This game is not about a quick session waiting for the bus. Instead, take your time with it and work at a pace that suits you.

Sworcery is mainly concerned with completing puzzles. The solutions are a little abstract and create the need to change the environment around you. Musical notes are used to free spirits, or you may find that you need to play the game at certain lunar calendar moments to find solutions.

Best Android Games

It sounds a little daunting, but you will come to grips with what’s going on over time. This game is expressive and shows Android users the true extent that an adventure game can give.

Racing Games

GRID Autosport

The Android world has been complaining that they never see the big title games on their devices, with most being reserved for iPhone users. This is where things are different with GRID Autosport. Finally, the console smash hit racing game has come to the Google Play Store. This version is a complete ad-free game that still impresses players, just as the PC version did a good 5 or 6 years ago. Race around 100 circuits at breakneck speeds selecting from the massive range of vehicles available.

The controls take some time to get used to, but don’t assume you can smash your way to the finish line. Instead, follow the driving markers and aids to get yourself accustomed to the game and become a master of the tarmac through this amazing Android racing game.

Sports Games

Golf On Mars

Golf On Mars is a golf game with a difference. Set in the year 2866, you’re situated on mars, with a third of the planet being transformed into a vast golf course. Drag your finger to select the waypoint of where you want the ball to go and how much power you want from your shot. If you’re going to spin, drag another finger in left or right. If you make a hole, the screen will slide to the next one, with an estimated 25 billion levels to complete.

This may seem like a ridiculous amount, but this game has been designed to spend a couple of minutes or a couple of hours enjoying. This is a relaxed version of the real-life game with lots of enjoyment ready to be had.

Arcade Games

Pumped BMX 3

Pumped BMX 3 is excellent! One of our favorites. You’re eased into the game with straightforward controls and simple levels, but as you progress, you will find this game will frustrate you to end levels, but in a good way, of course!

Its predecessor, Pumped BMX 2, has a more relaxed feeling to the controls and levels, with completion being a little easier than the latest version. The most recent installment is about skill and mastery. Trying to be casual throughout will leave you deflated after trying each level. Instead, work your way through the game at a slow and steady pace building your confidence as you grow.

With all this newfound confidence, go back to previous levels and take on your old high scores, taking them to new heights. 

Word Games


If word games are more your speed, Sidewords is an excellent choice. You start with a blank grid with a couple of words along with two of the edges. Then, select a letter from each edge to create new words. These words must be three letters or longer. Every letter assigned sends a line across the grid with joining lines creating a filled solid area. The aim of the game is to fill the grid. 

There are many different levels, some smaller than others which are much easier to complete, but the larger grids become increasingly difficult. You may have conjured up a vast word, but this may leave you with spaces you cannot fill, creating the need to replace or remove words, but experimentation is encouraged, so have some fun.

If you enjoy word games, this one is a little different from the classic scrabble games, and if you’re getting tired of Sidewords, you can launch the mini-game, Quads, a word-building game paired with Threes. So get two games for the price of one and have all the fun!

Endless Runner Games

Boson X

If you’re looking for an endless runner game, look no further than Boson X. Scientists run at incredible speeds through particle accelerators causing high-speed collisions in the effort to discover new particles. It may not be the most scientifically correct game, but the ease of gameplay and excitement you can get from this game is amazing.

As you jump through platforms and rotate the collider, you aim to avoid crashing into any walls or falling into the void. The concepts of this game are abstract and busy on the eyes, a great game and one of our favorites.

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