Best Google Chrome Extensions to improve Sales.

The activities associated with sales are rather complicated and challenging thing. The sales conversation include the processing of a huge amount of information and data. One of the key tasks of any sales rep is to create an engaging message. Currently, many tools are available to facilitate this activity. In addition, many of these tools are available as Google Chrome extension!

Here are some extensions highly recommended to sales reps.

  1. Rapportive

An ordinary recipient has no problems in distinguishing canned email from a more personalized one. On the other side, it is rather troublesome for a sales rep to make individual emails for each lead. The Rapportive extension brings a bit personalization to emails using the data from LinkedIn and other social networks profiles. The more personalized the message will be, the more chances that it would draw the recipient’s attention.

  1. Sidekick

I guess, there are almost no sales reps, which send an email and do not track its history. Sidekick is a service to track the email’s way, namely, who opens it, who clicks etc. It is a great tool to sort your leads. In addition, Sidekick offers to make scheduled posts for your recipients.

  1. Uberflip Extension

The Uberflip Extension is a free extension, which integrates with your Gmail or Front email platforms. The Uberflip users can send relevant content to their leads and customers, using directly the Uberflip Content Hub. This is very useful, since you do not have to send URLs or some pieces of content, but you can choose items from the entire library instead. It is much more pleasant for a recipient to see not a plain text, but a thumbnail, including some description.

  1. Klenty

Klenty is a CRM tool, integrating with your inbox and LinkedIn, and tracking your emails. What is so special about it? This tool has an interesting option called “Gmail Everywhere”. With this option you can send emails not just out of your inbox, but from anywhere. E.g., you hit some interesting information on a page or some contact info. There is no need to search for your Gmail tab, since you can send an email with one click on Klenty.

  1. CirrusInsight

This tool won’t let you forget about the need to interact with a lead. CirrusInsight integrates Salesforce with your Outlook or Gmail account. The other functions of this extension are the reminders of follow up with a lead or automatic sending of calendar information to Salesforce.

The most attracting feature of CirrusInsight is the possibility to use it throughout the whole company. It supports various platforms, including JobScience, Zendesk, QuickBooks, HubSpot etc.

  1. Find That Email

Judging from its name, the main function of this tool is to search for emails. Sounds simple, but imagine the following. You found a company, which suits to your solution, but there is no contact info. Here is Find That Email to come into the arena. The extensions searches for contact details right in your browser. It is possible to find an email address throughout the LinkedIn page. The accuracy of the found email address will be indicated via a level of confidence.

It supports Salesforce, and other tools, used by the sales reps.

  1. NetHunt

NetHunt is another CRM tool for Gmail. In addition to typical options, such as email tracking, you obtain the features of mass mailing and unlimited records and views. NetHunt can be easily integrated with other Google Applications, e.g. Google Calendar. Another interesting option is the possibility of multiple users. The cost of this option depends on the number of users and starts from $25 per month.

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