Best horror series on Netflix to watch now!

Horror is not for everyone- it leaves you scared and gets in your psyche. But that is its charm! And with Netflix producing original horrors as well as accumulating horror shows from different creators.

The platform has gained a massive variety of horror shows that range from psychological thrillers to supernatural horrors. Here are some of the highest-rated horror series on Netflix that should be on your “watch now” list!

Horror Movies on Netflix

Best Horror Series on Netflix


A psychological thriller, Ratched is based on the book series by Ken Kesey’s called One flew over the Cuckoos nest (a name as bizarre as the book). Played by Sarah Paulson, the show follows the story of nurse Ratched. She might look like a nice nurse, depending on her perfect appearance that is accessorized to impress, but in reality, she is manipulative, conniving, and has unexplainable darkness inside her as a result of the things she went through in her past.

Her motivations drive her to get employed at Lucia State Hospital, a mental institution, at any cost and they don’t just stop there. Her plan for her advancement through promotion is based on the lives of others, literally. Her sociopathic behavior is not very prominent yet in the series (according to the writers) but you will feel that it is. As her desire to rise increases, so does the crimes that are as terrible as her.


We have all seen the western thrillers with zombies existing in modern times. However, have Kingdom, a South Korean drama, is set in the Joseon period of the country’s history, making it different from the existing zombie horrors.

The stories in this short two-season drama follow the established society and the people living in it, which is extremely different from the western zombie horror storytelling. The show follows the story of the prince that has been declared a threat to the kingdom. However, after a zombie outbreak, it is up to him to save his kingdom and himself. A gripping horror series on Netflix, Kingdom is unlike the zombie horrors you are used to

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Have you ever watched a horror film that made you sad and wondered what it means to be a ghost? If they feel like us and walk amongst us, what makes them scary? The Haunting of the Bly Manor leaves you with 100 similar questions.

A horror tragedy that feels uneasy, in its ending, the horror series follows the life of an au pair who is employed by a man to look after his niece and nephew. However what follows is a mix of terrifying, romantic and so incredibly sad that you will be left feeling empty for moments after the show has ended. If you haven’t watched it yet, we highly recommend you do. You can also watch it for free on a TV aerial. To get a TV aerial installation, click here and our professionals will help you!

Midnight Mass

On Crockett Island, hope is bleak. The oil spill that occurred near the island destroyed the fish supply which was the primary food source, the ocean and nature has started taking over their homes and most of the people have left the island to its demise.

With a major storm brewing and only two ferried to take them to the mainland, the few that are left behind feel nothing but misfortunate. However, the arrival of a priest stirs things up for this community. The show is nothing short of horror with its claustrophobic setting, secret histories, and a supernatural element you are not prepared for.

One of the newer (but amazing) horror series on Netflix, Midnight Mass is everything you would not expect it to be. Click here to learn more.

The Haunting of Hill House

How many ghosts can you find in every scene? That is a question that may not have a right answer for every scene has hidden ghosts that you would either notice (and freak out) or will never notice (till you find the analogy of the scenes ghosts on the internet).

Regardless, The Haunting of Hill House is not for the faint-hearted. With a complex construction of scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat, the Netflix original is will make you feel uneasy and scared. Brilliant direction and camera movement along with some of the best acting scenes make this series not only scary but also very weird.

The story follows the life of a family that used to live in a haunted house. Going back and forth between the present and the past, the show makes you squirm as the fractured family is forced to revisit the horrors of their past.

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