Best iPhone 6 Apps for Kids in 2015.


This summer break iOS picked the best fun apps for KIDS of different age categories from 0-2, 2-5, 5-7 and 8-10. For the parents of babies, toddlers or kids, it is good news as this new iOS app completely occupies your child with its amusing and desirable features for kids. These app for kid 2015 are surely going to be the most productive time pass in their spring break. These are some of the new IOs games introduced for the kids, according to the age category as now you can completely get an advantage of feeling relaxed in their holidays.

The list of these best Kids Apps for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus or any iPad is given below in accordance to their ages described in detail below.

Games for 0-2

Musical Apps for baby’s

This beautiful and exceptional award winning iOS game is designed for Apple gadgets. It’s an exciting Baby’s Musical Hand game that every time your little one touches the screen, colorful stars will split and shatter all from their fingers. Your baby gets shockingly happy and gain what it expects.  It really helps you in making your little one cheerful.

Free iOS game Baby Bubbles

This is an amazing IOs game. The exceptional feature for this game is that your child will enhance his very own hand development. Presence of an elder can actually help the baby. The unique thing is it can even make your toddler stop from being cranky or fussy. Your baby gets a life by playing this one.

Games for 2-5

Vine kids

This tremendous game of this app is best for keep the children busy in their spring break 2015 as they would love it, it has fun loving videos  for kids, and makes them feel independent and interactive with them and make parents relief from worrying

Disney color & Play

Disney color and play Compatible with iOS 7 and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6. It’s a game which will undoubtedly make your loved baby very happy with its special 3D amusing features. Create your own loved Disney characters with your kid’s preferred colors and have fun like never before.

Games for 5-7

Toca Nature

This magical game will add magic to the life of your kid with its splendid magical and glorifying features. This app is really nice, and very different from others which adds addiction in your kid’s life and proves to be very entertaining for their spring break. Now your kids can develop nature as it adds magic to your child’s finger tips and develops sense of nature. It seems to be very pleasurable and time for your kids.

YouTube Kids

iOS introduces you tube kids for iPhone and iPad. It involve your kids into entertaining videos ,that your child cannot be out of it The cool app for kids provides children to check upon the most amusing videos and enjoy their holidays by exploring the world of videos.

Games for 8-10

Epic unlimited Books for Kids – for Reading lovers

This is an excellent mixture of education and fun, and the best way to keep children indulged in spring holidays. There are a large number of electronic books for iPad, come from expertise and an appropriate content for children.

Dumb Ways to Die 2

These iOS is a fun and exciting app. This is diverting like app really fun for kids. Dumb ways to die has a variety of sub games; it’s impossible to put down the game and proves to be best time pass for your kids.


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