Best IPTV apps for LG Smart TV 2017.

Best IPTV apps for LG smart TV

Today we are bringing a list of 2 Best IPTV apps for the LG Smart TV which can be downloaded on almost all LG smart TV’s and can run any free or paid premium tv channels list. As you know the LG Smart TV runs on a whole different operating system named Web OS. So ordinary Android IPTV apps can not be downloaded and installed on these LG smart TV sets. There are limited number of apps that can work on this WebOS Platform. I have tried some of them and now bringing the best 2 IPTV Apps for WebOS platform for 2017.

If you are new to the World of IPTV, its a newly developed Internet Protocol Televison. It means you can watch ordinary TV channels by using your internet connection. In other words you can kill your cable and get rid of all those hefty bills that you have to pay to see your favorite channels or movies on your television sets. With Smart TV’s coming a norm now a days you can download these useful IPTV Apps on your TV and then get any free or paid IPTV service provider services to get your favorite channels on your TV without using any type of Dish Antenna or any Cables. I myself use the sIPTV app and I with RapidTV (a paid subscription service) I have over 5000 premium Channels from across the world. Including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Other EU countries, Arabic, Iranian, Indian and lots of lots African channels.

I have previously brought some of the Best IPTV Apps for Android, Windows and Mac. Today this list is about the best apps IPTV apps LG Smart TV.

Best IPTV apps for LG smart TV

List of Best IPTV Apps for LG Smart TV:

The list contains all the currently available apps on the pre-loaded Tizen supported App store on all LG smart TV models which have updated software version installed.

1- Smart IPTV (siptv):

The first app I am going to discuss here is the Smart IPTV or Siptv app which is available on the LGAppsTV store and can be easily downloaded on any Samsung smart tv. This apps helps you play your OTT (Over the top content) streaming or the actual IPTV streams on your Samsung smart TV. The application itself doesn’t have any channels loaded on it. So you have to add your own M3u list manually.

Best IPTV apps for Samsung Smart TV 2017.

The App supports all LG smart TV from LH/UH/UF/ EC to UB/UC  series TVs. I had a 43 inch Full HD LH590 series smart TV previously and have used this app on it. It was a bit slow while loading and despite having a good internet connection It buffers most of the time. Later I updated to LG 55UH651v 4K UHD tv and this app suddenly works like lightning fast.

The current version of the smart IPTV app is 2.1.40 and its updated on 29th June 2017. Here is the change log.

  • Added external logos support (tvg-logo attribute in M3U playlist)
  • Added channel name scrolling in primary channel screen
  • Added play/pause icon for mouse/pointer use (click and hold for stream restart)
  • Various bugs fixed

If you experience slow app performance, try using Disable logos during playlist upload to ignore logos included in your playlist.

2- SS IPTV app:

This is my 2nd best IPTV app installed on my LG smart TV. This app is Free multi-purpose player for playing video in local network or through internet. The app is integrated with services of hundreds of IPTV-operators. User’s own playlists are also supported. You can checkout more info about SS-IPTV app on their official page.

Best IPTV apps for Samsung Smart TV 2017.

Main features:
– Simple access to the content of partnered operators
– Using playlist of the most widespread formats: m3u, xspf, asx, pls
– Parental controls
– Time markers in TV Guide for automatic changing channels in desired time.
– Flexible appearance adjustment.

Best IPTV apps for Samsung Smart TV 2017.

As Mention before, The LG WebOS platform is relatively new and we are not seeing any compatible  3rd party IPTV apps for more faster and reliable performance as seen on Android TV. But developers at LG are hopeful that they will receive more new apps for their Smart tv platform. If you know any new app let us know by commenting below this post.

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