Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017: What Are the Best Android Devices to Buy?

The biggest shopping season is upon us and it’s all kicking down in just a few days. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are guaranteed to offer plenty of excitement for gadget-lovers and tech-fanatics around the world. If you are looking for a new Android phone or a tablet, then read on for tips to finding the best deals.

Where and when to find the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

If you are just after an Android phone, you should focus your shopping efforts on Black Friday. If the signs are true, it might be a better time for finding phone deals than Cyber Monday. However, if you end up missing a deal that day, you can still make big savings on Cyber Monday – so keep your eyes open. Furthermore, the whole of December is great for finding deals. If you happen to forget to shop this weekend, then just go after deals right before or right after Christmas.`

As with most shopping these days, the best savings can be made online. You will find special discounts for sellers like Carphone Warehouse and Argos, with the stores selling largely different offers. While you might snatch a good deal in-store, the online deals will be more worth the time and effort.

In order to find the best overall deals and to do it fast, you want to utilize voucher code sites such as VoucherBin. You can already find plenty of amazing technology deals on the site and you don’t have to check back-and-forth with different retailers, as all deals are on the site. The other must-visit shopping platform is the good-old Amazon. The online giant has already started its Black Friday campaigns and the deals are bound to get hotter.

The best phones and tablets to buy

So, what are the deals you should go after? Which Android phones and tablet deals will provide the most value for money? There are likely to be a number of great devices on sale but here are some products you do want to keep an eye on.

The latest flagship phones

2017 has seen a number of Android flagship phones released and these are a lucrative option for those after a new phone. The Galaxy S9 is a worthy phone to consider and if you are into mobile gaming, you should definitely check out the OnePlus 5. If you’d like something for business use, HTC 11 is a good option. All phones will likely see a small reduction and you might find big discounts if you

are lucky. Google’s Pixel 2 might also be worth looking into. The phone has had some glitches, which might mean they push the sales with amazing offers.

The older flagship phones

Now, if you are after massive discounts, you definitely need to look further back and snatch a predecessor to this year’s flagships. Galaxy S7 Edge is still one of the best phones on the market and will likely see its price slashed by hundreds during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. You’ll also save money with the slightly newer Galaxy S8.

The black horses of phone deals

Motorola and Wileyfox smartphones will be the dark horses this year. These are likely to drop in price a lot – you can already save a lot on the different models on Amazon. Both offer models with a basic version and a juicier model. Motorola’s Moto Z Droid is especially good phone to consider if you are looking for something fun.

Black Friday Sales

If you are feeling retro, then why not get the rebooted Nokia 3310? It’s not Android, of course, but who wouldn’t like the opportunity to play Snake one more time. You won’t even have to spend a lot of money – the phone is currently on offer at Argos for little under £40.

The best tablet deals

But what about tablets? There will be plenty of deals to find an Android tablet without breaking the budget. Samsung’s newest tablet is definitely worth buying. The Galaxy Tab S3 is a contender for the iPad Pro and great value for money, with or without the discount.

If you want a budget tablet – perhaps as a secondary tablet – you can’t go wrong with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It doesn’t have many extra features and it won’t be able to perform any crazy tasks, but you might actually get it for the price of a takeaway dinner for yourself. Now that’s value for money.

Lenovo Tab 4 is another affordable tablet on offer with great online discounts. The tablet has great sound quality and it would, therefore, make a great streaming tablet. If you want a bit more firepower with your tablet, Lenovo’s Yoga Tab 3 Pro is definitely worthy of buying. It has an in-built projector to make watching movies a lot more special.

If you want a new Android phone or a tablet, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to go shopping. You can find hundreds of deals online and with the above tips in mind; you’ll know just what devices to go after.

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