BlackBerry Passport didn’t showed up on Christmas sales, expected to be released on December the 30th.


Some bad news for BlackBerry fans who always love the BlackBerry trademark keypad devices have no good news this Christmas as the company didn’t showed up with their new BlackBerry Passport device as was expected by many fans across the globe. But the ones in Canada the birth place of BlackBerry devices have the offer coming up today. Yes the BlackBerry passport will be made available for Canadians starting the sales from 26th December in local stores all across the country.

The device will head to other countries later with the first availability date to be confirmed as the December the 30th, so you can get your hands on the BlackBerry  Passport before the start of 2015. Beside the Passport another BlackBerry smartphone the BlackBerry Z30 will also be presented to the world on the same day.

There are a lot of discount on both devices as you can get $100 off the price of the BlackBerry Passport on all three colors. The Z30 gets a 50% price cut, bringing it down to $250 and you can get further discounts on accessories such as cases.

BlackBerry Passport

So if you are in the United States and you want to get the device on the opening day you can get the same $100 from the market and get a special discount on 30th December 2014. You can shop the device with all the pre orders options available on the ShopBlackBerry store online or tap on the Amazon store to get it.

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