Download Blood & Glory: Immortals action with good graphics [ Apk ]


Zeus, Ares and Hades want to end the Roman Republic, and sent his armies against it to maintain its role as sovereign. In Blood & Glory: Immortals, we will have to embody one of three heroes deadly inspired by the Muses and commissioned by the Senate to protect Roma battling gods.

With this new title, the developer Glu proposes an action game with great graphic finish , in which we go on missions in different screens full of enemies, the end of which we have to face the final boss in office, using one of the three characters with different skills proposed.


The interface of this game is very simple , because on the left side will have a directional pad to be placed in the part where you press with your finger, and on the right we will have an action button for each type of attack. We will also see a lower bar that shows our life and mana and two icons in the upper right potions.

The mechanics for its part does not have any complications, since we’ll just go mamporros scenarios giving everything bobbing . And at the end of each mission we go to a kind of common area where we see other connected players online, place where we can access new missions, improve our gear and interact with other players.

We can unlock skills both free points as using some gems that we can collect or buy real money . We can also equip with new objects or even improve what we already have merging with others who are not going to use.

If you love action RPG with intricate skill trees, a deep history and decisions affecting our games is quite possible that this game will seem a bit simple. But if all you want is to have a good time giving espadazos and feasting with good graphics that begin to have games for Android, this title is what you seek.

Download Blood & Glory: Immortals V1.0.0 Apk

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