Can I Use An FFL For Personal Use?

Can I use an FFL for personal use? If you are asking this question, you must have recently obtained a Federal Firearms License (FFL) or are thinking about getting the license and wondering whether you can use it to put together your own gun collection.

Fortunately, yes, you can do it. You read that right. You can get an FFL and not only use it to sell guns from your home as a side business but also use it for personal use.

Having an FFL comes with plenty of perks: you get guns at lower prices, you have access to uncommon or rare guns, among many other benefits.

To learn more about FFL benefits and how to get it visit this link.

FFL for Personal Use

How to Use your FFL for personal use

Now that you can use your FFL for personal use, you might be thinking that you will get the license, sell a few guns from your home, hook up your friends and family with unique firearms at discounted prices while keeping the others for yourself, right? Well, it’s not as easy as this.

To retain your license, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) requires you to show that you are actually running a real business. Meaning you are buying and selling guns to retail buyers and not dishing them out to friends and family or hoarding them for yourself.

How can you show you are doing business while using the FFL for yourself?

The beauty is that it’s easy to do it. Buy a gun, log it in your Bound book and dispose of it to yourself.

Should you decide to sell the gun, list it in your Bound book like any other firearm and sell it as normal.

As simple as that, and you slowly put together your gun collection while maintaining good standing with ATF and saving up to 30% or more you would have spent had you bought the guns retail.

To use your FFL for personal use, you should give the impression that you are running a real business and you are focused on making a profit. So, as much as you want to put together your gun collection, you should maintain scheduled business hours, which can be as little as one afternoon a week.

Before you get an FFL, you have to sit down with an ATF examiner and demonstrate your understanding of the applicable gun laws and the regulations pertaining to the type of business and region you are operating in.

During your seating, don’t talk or ask about using an FFL for personal use as the examiner might catch on to it and end badly for you.

Tips for using an FFL for personal use

To avoid getting into trouble with ATF, don’t make too many transfers to obvious relatives or yourself. Most of your transfers should be to retail customers, so you should strive to get gun customers to maintain your license.

After disposing of the gun to yourself, tag it as “not for sale” or put it in a different safe or away from your other guns.

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