Can modern online slots be as good as contemporary video games?

It may seem ludicrous to compare online slots that you can play today with contemporary video games due to the vast differences between the two but many players feel that online slots can become as good as them.

Video Games

Video games are an incredibly popular form of entertainment. Originating in arcades, video games are now primarily played in the home of the player. Video games are incredibly interactive, creating mini-worlds for the players to interact with and explore.

Modern Online Slots

There is also a lot of variety, handheld video games, virtual reality video games and the most popular console video games. There are many differences with online slots and video games, the main being that there is no gambling element when using a video game, players will have no money on the line when they use a game.

There is also much more when it comes to gameplay and the way that players interact with the game. Modern video games are incredibly refined, with amazing gameplay and life-like graphics.

Modern Slots

Modern online slots feature amazing technology that early slot developers could only dream of. These games have certainly come a long way since their earliest iterations. Although modern slots cannot quite compete with amazing video games just yet, there is still much to love about them.

  1. Modern slots are immersive – One thing that modern slot releases have over past slot releases is their level of immersion. Thanks to amazing sound effects and modern graphics, these games succeed in creating unique worlds for the player to enjoy. Players often lose themselves in modern slot games, something that would have been difficult to do in slot games of the past.
  2. Modern slots have payouts for the player – Another excellent part about online slots are the amazing payouts that these games offer, the earliest examples of slot games barely had any payout for the player to enjoy. Modern slots, however, can make a lucky player a millionaire! Amazing slot jackpots are the best way for this dream to become reality.


There is no question that video games are more advanced than slot games, they have much better hardware that gives them the capability to produce some amazing things. However, slot games have improved their technology drastically over the past few years. There is certainly a chance that slot games could give modern video games a run for their money in the coming years.

  • The software that computers and phones use is only improving, at an incredibly fast rate too. Compare the yearly phone innovations with the slow release schedules of the latest video game systems and it is not a stretch to think that phones and computers may surpass them one day.
  • While video games are more popular with the public, the rise of free-to-play slot games has led to people who wouldn’t normally try slot games taking them up. If this trend continues, slot games will become incredibly popular.

Final Thoughts

Online slots certainly have a chance against video games thanks to the amazing technological innovations that surround them.

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