Cheap Cell Phone Accessories That Makes Your Android Camera Professional

Smartphone cameras have been improving with each new generation, but there are always “artificial” ways to bring them even closer to professional models. Regardless of whether you have a Galaxy, Xperia, Moto or LG model, there is always an accessory on the market capable of increasing the capture angle, zoom, and even the quality of photos in dark environments.

Check out a list of cheap cell phone accessories that can make you a more efficient photographer with an Android smart in hand.

Cell Phone accessories

1. Fisheye, Macro And Wide Lenses

Fisheye, macro and wide lenses are popular because, even though they cost little, they allow anyone to take photos with an effect that mimics a GoPro, with details of small and close objects, or that capture many more people in a selfie, for example. With models that fit practically any device, as they have a manual and adjustable fit, they are sold in kits that can cost from $5 to $20 on sites such as Mercado Livre.

2. Case With Filter Lens

Cases with special lenses offer effects that users are used to applying digitally in apps like Instagram, but using physical filters. By attaching the case to the cell phone, the owner has the option of rotating the lens set and aligning the filter corresponding to sepia and other known effects to the camera, giving a more retro feel to the photo taken. As there can be light leakage between the camera and the lens, the effect is not so perfect and ends up, with that, removing the artificial tone seen in digital photos.

The most famous manufacturer is Holga, whose models are sold for around $10 at Mercado Livre. You can buy them from dhgate wholesale distributor or Amazon store or offline distributor easily.

3. Microscope Lens

Less common than a fisheye or macro lens, the microscope lens is common even in establishments that maintain cell phones but can be used to observe very small everyday objects, such as miniature collections or even insects, if you are one. curious about biology. Prices vary a lot, but on the internet, you can find a lens of this type for less than $12.

4. Spyglass Lens

If your goal is to look at distant objects, there are also telescope lenses, which offer up to 300 m of the field of view and only see from 3 m away. They weigh more than fisheye combs, for example, and are usually constructed of better material. Therefore, they can cost more, reaching up to $40 depending on the model purchased online.

5. External Flash

As good as the smartphone’s built-in flashes have improved, they can never perform compared to professional cameras. If you’re looking for something like this for cell phones, there are external flashes that offer better performance, and are still suitable for selfies – just fit into the cell’s headphone jack, in the direction you prefer. In Mercado Livre, prices range between $6 and $10.

6.  Wi-Fi Lens

The most expensive accessory on the list is a lens that physically attaches to your smartphone to make your camera look professional. Although Sony sells the most famous model, manufacturers like Amkov offer the same feature for any Android device at a lower price. For $120-$140, you get a lens with a 5x optical zoom, aperture control that syncs everything with your phone’s camera app in real-time.

Photos can also be saved on the gadget itself, on its own memory card, or directly on the cell phone.

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