Change Text file to Audio file for free. [How to]

Text to speech

Sometimes you don’t want to read lengthy paragraphs. You just want some easy way out so that you get the benefit out of it without wasting much energy and time, for this you would have to convert your text document to audio document so that you may listen to that audio document whenever and where ever you want as the ones Text to speech free. Without putting yourself in huge cumbersome of reading the whole paragraph by yourself, Text file to Audio Changer will help your in utilizing your time smartly. We don’t use any software for this instead we need you to just copy a small code and that’s all done without reading the lengthy notes and putting stress on your eyes and consuming much more time than you consume while listening. This is has got no viruses in it and it is absolutely free for all to try. Ill illustrate you some steps and you just need to follow those steps and you are done for the text file to audio file Changing software.

Below we will let you know the whole procedure of changing a text file into Audio file and then trying to listen to the content written in that file. This can be done with the help of some third part software but you can do it with the help of these simple tricks and that all is totally for free. This can be done by following the steps given below in this simple guide of How to convert Text into Audio.

How to Change Text file to Audio file:

Step no.1: First of all open a new text document and paste the following code in it

Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion– “,”By computer freaks”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak msg

Step no.2: After pasting save the file by the name you want but it should be saved as .vbs extension. So it is refereed to as Vbscript file.

Step no.3: Open the saved file and you will see the message box which would be having the space to write your text that you need to listen as audio.

Sit back and enjoy the audio hearing of a text document and also if the document is big enough to write you can always copy and paste the document’s text in that message box which would appear when you have followed step 3.

You can also have any software for the conversion of this text to audio go for any good software like TextAloud with AT&T natural voices. It is designed for windows and is regarded as the best Text to Speech software as well.

Product benefits

  • Reduces eye strain if you have plenty of readings to do.
  • Utilizes time smartly as you can do multiple tasks just by hearing to audio you can walk or jog or exercise anywhere.
  • Long lengthy documents, Research papers and E-books can be heard instead of reading them. ( The best free E-Books collection is here )
  • The new revolution in student’s life as it will give them ease to study.
  • Exam papers can be heard instead of read this is beneficial for professors too.

Hope you like the best way of changing the text to Audio guide we have for you. You can have more helpful guides from our How To section.

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