Charging iPhone 5S with a fake Charger, A Teenager suffered burns.


So here we have come across yet another case of burning of Apple device while charging it with a fake charger. Yes you have read it right, iPhone 5s owner a 16 years old Josh Schultz from Alberta used a fake charger which he bought from a nearby gas station made him 3rd degree burns.

The news has been reported in a daily paper stating that this teenager has plugged in the charger which was not recommended for the iPhone 5S, to charge his device he put the device on charging at night beside his side table and at the middle of the night the iPhone 5S blasted into flames. There was a loud scream coming from basement and when the family arrived down at the basement they immediately put the fire out by the fire extinguisher however the boy faced 3rd degree burns on his right hand, right leg and arms including other parts of the body.

This isn’t a new incident, other incidents have also happened in many parts of the world and one common thing which was there was the use of a non-original charger.

It is recommended to use the charger that came with the device because other chargers are not reliable and these types of incidents occur which will give you much pain. It is very stupid to save a few dollars and risk your lives by buying some low quality Chinese smartphone chargers for your iPhone. In some cases explosion might occur or it may harm you some other ways so it is better to be safe and use original stuff for your own safety.

These incidents occur due to the low quality components that were used in the making of this charger, also they might not be compatible with the blasted iPhone 5S device because when the electricity fluctuates it is really dangerous to remain safe. So as per rule charger should have stopped working but there is no chance of explosion of any type if you are using the original stuff. Ill suggest to all my readers to buy original stuff and avoid to risk your precious lives.

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