Cinemagram now available on Google Play Store.

cinemagram android

One of the most popular application for moving images on iOS is Cinemagram. The exclusive iOS application is now available for Android so all Android users now install it from the latest Google Play Store (4.02.25). The developers of the app cinemagraph inc. had promised earlier that they are busy in making an Android version of the app.

Cinemagram is considered by many to be the Instagram of GIF animated images , since it is also a social network and can apply filters to our GIF s, which also can add a mask so just move the marked area , adjust your speed and loop type. and you can create amazingly funny GIF animations on the go.

 The app will help you record a 4 seconds shot and it has the capability to pause at any instant and resume from the same moment which will help you in making some cool GIF.

Cinemagram Android

The social part of Cinemagram for Android allows us to follow people, have followers, share your animated GIF’s , comment and bookmark to “Like” the GIF s, send private messages to users, etc … You can explore and discover new cinemagraphs through hashtags , categories and trends. It also allows us to share your creations with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Just what you can do with regular images in Instagram.

The bad news is  that  Cinemagram for Android is available only for devices with Android 4.0 or higher, Who does not have a compatible device can use other alternative available applications which we will present to you later. 

The Official Google Play Description stated as :

Cinemagram is a place to create and share beautiful, short videos.
Find out why millions of users love and use Cinemagram!

★ Free unlimited uploads
★ Instantly Share GIFs to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
★ Special effects – Stunning video filters, speed,and looping to create movie-like visual effects.
★ Artistic Cinemagraphs – Create magical hybrids between photo & video.
★ Direct Messaging
★ Interact with your friends’ posts with likes, reposts, and comments.
★ Explore and discover great content through hashtags, categories and trending posts.
★ And so much more!

Three Easy Steps:
1 – Record a short looping 4s video
2 – Apply awesome special effects
3 – Instantly Share to Facebook, Twitter 
4.- Share GIFS to Tumblr

Download it by clicking the button below.


Source : Google Play

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