Clash Royale Latest Updated Apk with in match Mute Emoticon option.


The best current real time multiplayer game Clash Royale is getting a new update in a day or two and the best about this update is the option of muting your opponent from sending those annoying emoticons during the match. There are some players who have the ability to send dozens of emotes during a match that can offend the other player. Here is the official press log explaining the whole situation.

Coming with the next update, players will have the ability to mute their opponent during each battle. Since we still think it’s important that Clash Royale doesn’t feel like a single player game, you will see your opponent trying to communicate, but without any of the specifics.

Strong emotions are built into the core of Clash Royale, and are important for knowing the difference between good cards and great cards, but we’ve come to realize that this doesn’t need to be tied to all aspects of the game – emotes being a case in point.

Additionally, we’ve been thinking about some cool ways of making emotes feel collectible and even desirable, which will ideally change some people’s perception of them in the future. Those ideas are still floating around, and may come to fruition, but in the mean time we’re going to bring a mute option to the game!

The good news is that there will be more chance of communicating with the player, may be even after the match. So most of the players are expecting a new chat type option just like the one in Clash of Clans. You can read more about this conversation between the fans and the developers here.

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