Clear all Notifications on Apple Watch [How to]

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Apple watch is a new addition in the Apple world. It is a wearable device on your wrist and it performs all what your iPhone performs for you. But with such a small screen its quite difficult to clear all Notifications on Apple Watch as it is connected with any iPhone. Apple has recently released the Apple Watch OS 2 which have more powerful features loaded in it. It is connected by your iPhone over Bluetooth and it gives you ease of accessing your phone while roaming around in a certain radius and leaving your iPhone at one place for may be charging or whatever. I have discussed in my previous articles about the battery backup, Siri and other tricks on Apple watch earlier but today we will let you know how to clear notifications on Apple Watch.

Clear Notification Apple Watch

Apple watch also keeps us updated by the latest activity being performed that is related to us through its notification center. Today I’ll tell you about clearing all the notifications on Apple watch just by one tap instead of clearing the notifications one by one as it would save your time. But it is also possible to clear notifications one by one unlike iPhone,  Apple watch gives us the option either we want to clear the notifications at once or we want to clear the notifications one by one.

For clearing all the notifications on Apple Watch once you need to do the following steps.

How to Clear All Notifications by One click on Apple Watch:

  1. Wear the watch on your wrist facing towards your face.
  2. Open the notification center by swiping the watch from top to bottom once on the home page.
  3. Press and hold the screen this will automatically generate the “clear all notifications” prompt, click on that prompt.
  4. By clicking it you will clear all the notifications once.

Clear Notification Apple Watch

It gives you ease of clearing all the notifications once instead of clearing them one by one. When notifications stack-up in your watch’s notification center this method is really helpful to save your time. This will also clear the notification center of your phone this is because of the connection between two devices. You can read more Apple Watch Guides here. All you have to do is bookmark us and get the best guides about the best smartwatch that you own right now.

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