Cocofax: Free Online Fax Service in 2021.

In a cut-throat market of digital and paperless businesses, you might think the ink and paper faxing method is retired. However, that is not reality. Faxing still carries a worth because it is still an essential part of businesses for certain documents (can be legal contracts) and also for certain industries that can be public relations. 

Regardless, the faxing method is changed now. We can send and receive faxes using desktop software without using any fax machine. Several desktop faxing software are present out there in the market, and among them faxing with your Gmail is what we find the best method. 

Using this method, you can send and receive faxes online easily if you have a good internet connection. Plus, you can handily turn your outgoing emails into faxes and receive the faces as emails. Isn’t it amazing and handy? 

If you face a problem in finding the best service provider, don’t worry anymore. 

The number one free service provider for online faxing is Cocofax. You can visit this CocoFax website to see the efficiency that they offer in their service or watch the video below to check how to send a fax with your computer.

CocoFax – An Online Fax Service Provider

CocoFax is a cloud-based fax platform that authorizes you to deliver and receive faxes online from any device with security and reliability. 

Using cocofax, you can seamlessly integrate into day-to-day business and you can directly operate faxes without mucking up with any manual documents.

We would say the cocofax offers a cost-effective online service in comparison to fax machines and in-house fax servers to send and receive your faxes for your thriving business, and high-volume faxing. 


the benefits of CocoFax service are as follows: 

  • You can send and receive faxes from anywhere using your computer, tablet, phone, or computer. Plus, there’s no chance of missing out on your faxes.
  • You can send faxes in the blink of an eye without having to wait for hours. 
  • It offers safe, secure, and encrypted. Your data remains safe using Cocofax’s service. 
  • You don’t need to hustle for fax maintenance or for paying phone charges. 

Quick Cue: Using CocoFax is a win-win thing because it doesn’t let the receiver feel any difference if your fax is sent through a fax machine or through any software which is good for your business. 

With that said, let us discover CocoFax’s working procedure. 

How does CocoFax Work?


In typical faxing or we can say old faxing method, the fax communication functions on telephone lines that are associated with the fax machine. This was the reason people had to buy a telephone and a fax machine to send and receive faxes. 

Nevertheless, the tables have changed now. With Cocofax, you don’t have to buy a telephone or a fax machine to send and receive faxes. Because CocoFax facilitates you to send and receive faxes over the internet. CocoFax functions as a translator that converts fax’s analog signals to digital (email) and vice versa.

We hope you have got an idea why you cannot send and receive faxes using the internet directly without any translator. For the conversion of the faxes and getting telephone lines and fax machines, you need a translator such as CocoFax. And let us tell you CocoFax is pretty good at this job.

Having said that, let us make you aware of the CocoFax facing methods. 

What are CocoFax’s Faxing Methods? 

The good thing about Cocofax is that you are not bound to only one faxing method but it offers several methods. You can choose whatever suits you and is easy for you. Let us unveil the ways for you: 

  • Web Browser Fax 

COCOFax computer

The web browser faxing method of Cocofax enables you to employ the features of a high-tech fax machine right from your browser. You can easily send and receive faxes by clicking on the web dashboard of CocoFax. 

  • Email Fax 

Web Browser Fax

Did you ever imagine such technology could come into place? That you can send faxes through your email just like you send emails. No matter if you send your faxes through email, they still get printed on the receiver’s fax machine while you only require the receiver’s fax number to send the fax. 

Let us tell you the procedure is similar to the old-school fax sending method, regardless, the mere difference is the comfort and convenience you get plus the money that you save.

Other than these two methods, there are many others too but you only need these for your work. 

CocoFax Fax Number 

Email Fax

If you want to send and receive faxes, you are required to have a fax number so that you can send and receive faxes irrespective of the method that you choose to fax. Having a fax number is compulsory for a fax machine and online fax service as well. 

However, when you use a fax machine, you are to receive your fax number from your telephone operator which is a difficult method that requires you to fill a lot of forms. 

While if you go forward with using CocoFax, it takes all the headache of fulfilling the requirement and providing you the fax number. Plus, Cocofax provides you a free fax number which is temporary though. However, if you want a permanent fax number, you can have their subscription plan. 

The Bottom Line 

After having almost good information about CocoFax, there is no plausible motive for not using CocoFax. In fact, we couldn’t even uncover the slightest bit of drawback from this service. So why don’t you give it a shot? 

Keeping in view the aforementioned information about Cocofax, we give you a green light to try out their service and you would be more than happy to use it. We recommend you try it without hesitation. It is certainly going to prove itself the most convenient method and it will surely do a lot of wonders for your business. That is. 

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