Cooking is Fun! (When it’s a game!)

If you’re like me, you hate cooking. Go the store. Buy the ingredients. Clean them. Prepare them. Cook them. After all that time and money spent, you may not even enjoy what you made, especially if you didn’t follow the recipe perfectly. What a waste! I often find it’s easier to just get food delivered, or go to a restaurant. That way I know my food will be delicious, and I’ll save time.

However, I do love playing games, and I’ve recently discovered that cooking games are WAY more fun than cooking in real life! Normally I play all different kinds of casual games: Match-3 games, hyper-casual games that you can play without thinking, idle games, design games, and racing games… the list seems endless! Cooking games are my newest passion on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and I hope you’ll find there so much fun too!!

What is a ‘cooking game?’

Cooking games are just a form of the time-management game where the player operates a restaurant. You’re the waiter, the chef, and the owner. That means you do all the different tasks – you cook the food, serve the food, improve the restaurant, and – in the best games – you get to decorate it too!

Cooking Games for Android

All of that may seem easy, but at harder difficulties, time management is no joke! Customers will be coming in fast, and it isn’t easy to keep track of all their orders! You’ll be challenged to remember what each customer wants and cook it properly before they become impatient and leave.

As you move through the cooking game, you’ll discover new restaurants with exotic cuisines and new customers to serve. This diversity is important to ensure the game doesn’t get boring and you’re always on a quest to become a Master Chef and uncover the next restaurant to challenge!

My favorite: COOK IT!

There are many top cooking games out now, with more arriving on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store every week. With so many cooking games available, it can be tough to choose the best, but my favorite is ‘Cook It!’ from FlowMotion Entertainment. Why?

  • Tap Gameplay: Some cooking games feature drag gameplay, where ingredients have to be dragged onto the equipment for cooking… and then your completed food must be dragged to the waiting customers. This gameplay feels very slow, and not as entertaining. In Cook It!, you simply tap on each item, allowing you to get in a really fun cooking game rhythm.
  • Colorful Food and Characters: Every cooking game has beautiful graphics, but my favorite is Cook It! The food looks gorgeous, across a wide variety of interesting restaurants from around the world, each of which has its own cute cast of characters to serve.
  • Decorations: Cook It! has one feature that no other cooking game has, or at least not that I’ve found… decorating! Each restaurant has specific spots where you can place a selection of adorable decorations, allowing you to design each restaurant to your own taste. It’s so much fun to serve up tasty treats in a restaurant that feels like your own!
  • A Great Challenge: Cook It! is easy to learn, but very hard to master. You’ll feel like a professional chef in the early stages, but as the difficulty increases with each level and restaurant you’ll find you require more tricks, boosts, and attention to move on. If you really need help, you can spend a little money to give yourself some help, but this never feels necessary, which is nice.

For all these reasons, Cook It! is my favorite among the cooking games. I’ve really enjoyed checking out this new type of game, so please try it out for yourself and let me know what you think! What do you love? Designing your own restaurant? A real cooking challenge? Preparing food for funny customers? Let’s cook together!

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