Cortana is coming to iOS and Android devices soon


The voice assistants continue moving in that struggle become increasingly useful and powerful, and even appeared somewhat later than its competitors, developing Microsoft continues to show his ambition. We have learned that Cortana also come to iOS and Android as a standalone application.

In Reuters indicate that Microsoft is preparing versions of its voice assistant for these two mobile platforms, which would bring benefits not only relegasen Cortana to Windows Phone and in the near future, Windows 10 for all kinds of devices, but these alternatives that today dominate the overall shape the landscape of mobility.


Eric Horvitz, director of Microsoft Research, said that the company was preparing a large-scale deployment of Cortana before the end of 2015. In Redmond are working on a new version of Cortana codenamed Einstein that aims to harness the principles of artificial intelligence to make this wizard is more powerful and ambitious.

This new philosophy of Microsoft in its approach to other mobile platforms being an interesting way to deal with their limited market share in the segment of smartphones. The availability of solutions like Office for Android and iOS and launch Outlook client demonstrate the good intentions that Microsoft has when conquering the other platform users with software if it does hardware.

Via | The Verge

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