Counter Strike 1.6 Apk for Android devices.


Here comes the great news for all the counter strike fans. The Counter Strike 1.6 Apk is now available for Android users to download and install it on their Android devices. This legendary first person shooter has all the best features ported to the smartphone world and you can enjoy every bit of it on your Android loaded devices. We have tried and played it on our Nexus 6p and it has been working all great.

Reddit user /u/a1baomarov has posted in /r/Android detailing how to get Counter-Strike working on Android, which involves moving files over from an existing Steam installation, and installing the Xash3D apk.


How to Download and install Counter Strike 1.6 APK on your Android device:

All you have to do is follow these instructions given below.

1- First of all keep in mind that you need Xash3D Android for this game to install.

2- Install the CA1.6 Apk file

3- Install the omp Postfix for Multi Core devices which most of you have, or noomp for a single core device.

4- Download the latest Xash3D for Android from here

5- Once done you can Copy the CStrike and Valve folders from you Steam CS1.6 installation to the xash folder on your SDCard.

6- Run CS16Client.

That’s it. You now have the CS1.6 Apk installed on your smartphone device.

If you have any questions or issues with installation of Counter Strike for Android then you can comment below.

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