Create an HTML email signature on iPhone or iPad easily.


If you own iPhone or iPad then you may also use mail accounts linked with Apple mail app. putting your signature is quite fascinating the older version of Apple mail allows the user to use HTML style email signature feature. You can also put signatures in latest iphone or ipad but the process is little different and complex in iOS 7.

Following below are some of the instructions, so take your time to read it patiently because it’s not impossible to do.

How to use an HTML signature in Mail app on iOS

Step 1: First step is to launch any mail app on your desktop based on your preferences. In this we will use mail app to create HTML part of the sign.

Step 2: Next step is to send yourself an email; it can be a blank email with your signatures from any device that have HTML signatures you want to create on your iphone or ipad. The reason of using other desktop is that stock mail app on iOS doesn’t support to insert HTML code. The top right corner in mail app on OS X allows to insert link over the name of yours multiple social media account. Type in words and enter link.

Step 3: After setting your signature be sure to send email on your iphone or ipad.

Step 4: Click on the email you have sent on your iphone or ipad. Tap and hold on the signature to open the selection tool and then copy the whole signature.

Step 5: Open the settings app then navigate it to mail, contacts, calendars and then to signatures.

Step 6: Based on your preferences you can use same signature for all email accounts or can create different signatures for multiple accounts by using these same instructions. Now paste the HTML signatures in the empty signature box. You will also figured that the HTML code carried over

That’s it you are done


Step 7: To test it go back to the mail app and create a new email it will automatically insert signature below the email.

Note: Repeat same steps to create signature for different emails.  The format can be change by using Bold, Italics and colors.

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