Crm for law firms

CRM for lawyers is a qualified electronic assistant that automates and optimizes the management of the legal service without any problems. Many talented developers have created systems in this format. I offer users a ranking of the best solutions for lawyers.

TOP popularity of CRM for law firms

Let’s start with a product called JEFFIT. This system is a highly functional electronic instrument. It is used successfully by small and medium-sized legal companies. This program runs on the Web Application platform.

It integrates with mail. It has 14 useful options in its functionality, which include order management and support, reports, file storage, time management and other functions. The program does not have a free version. Its cost starts at 1050 ₽ per month. According to users and professionals, the system works for a confident four. The assessment is based on the lack of AppStore and Google Play applications, as well as poor synchronization with Google and Mac calendars.

CRM for Law firms is a high-quality legal process automation system. Also does a good job in small and medium-sized companies. The program successfully integrates with three services: 

  • Dropbox; 
  • Gmail; 
  • UIS telephony. 

Powered by the Web Application platform. This CRM system has 14 useful options in its portfolio. Among them, it is worth noting the ability to manage orders, the presence of a client base, API for integration, Email distribution.

Professionals and users alike have rated this product 3.8 points. More than one was taken away for the lack of a sales funnel and tight synchronization, as well as a “raw” reporting tool.

AmoCRM is the leader in CRM for law firms

AmoCRM is an excellent tool for optimizing and automating work processes, as well as increasing the client base, and therefore the profitability of the organization and marketing automation software for agencies. The cost of the program starts at 499 rubles per month. The electronic instrument has excellent functionality.

The portfolio of features of this program includes integration with 93 services, as well as 13 useful options. Among them there are a sales funnel, Email-mailing, order management, reporting. Feedback from users and professionals gave this program the highest score. The service received a confident five from the professionalism of work, ease of use, as well as the ability to increase the profitability of the enterprise by 30%.


ProjectMate is for CRM law firms that allows you to quickly establish customer relationship management in a small and medium-sized company. The product runs on the Web Application platform. Has a portfolio of 13 useful options.

The program lacks a sales funnel, integration with mail and a number of other functions. The cost of the system starts at 945 ₽ per month. The disadvantages of the program, users include the lack of some useful tools, some “dampness” of order management, as well as the service for export and import of data. Overall, the product is not bad. From professionals and users, he received his well-deserved 4 points.

Intrum crm

Intrum crm is a successful solution for a law firm of large and small format. This system is successfully integrated with 20 services. There are 20 tools in the collection of useful program options.

Among them, it should be noted a sales funnel, customer base, product catalog, order management, integration with mail, call center and telephony. An impressive catalog of useful options is not cheap at all. The monthly cost of using the system is at least 4490 rubles. At the same time, an expensive CRM is not deprived of disadvantages.

These include too high a price, complexity of the operation and the absence of certain useful functions. Therefore, specialists and users gave this program 4.7 points.

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