Cyanogen prepares its own SDK for applications to integrate better with the ROM


Cyanogen remain determined to evolve Android on their own, and such is their commitment that reportedly at Android Police , responsible for popular alternative ROM Cyanogen SDK, Cyanogen Android SDK, Cyanogen Mod SDK that you can install on our phones and are preparing their own SDK for developers to integrate applications with OS.

As we see in the profile of the project on GitHub , the first functionality that can be implemented with this SDK will be to integrate the application with the Quick Settings , but soon support functions such gestures are also included when the screen is off , proxies and so that we will learn as they go forward.

This project is still in its early stages , so it could be weeks or even months until the ROM makers decide to make it official and able to show all the functions that will be integrated. But that does not mean it is an important step on his way to get emancipated from Google Android.

The Cyanogen Platform SDK will eventually support features like screen-off gestures, proxies, and more. Right now it looks like custom quick settings tiles will be the first part of the API made available. So, imagine you download a system monitor app in the not too distant future. It might have special integration with CyanogenMod to display stats of some sort in a quick settings tile. This is just an example I’m making up—I’m sure there are better potential uses.


If you are curious and want to gossip little information about this SDK , you can do both at the appropriate profile on GitHub and page CyanogenMod code review or a newly created community of Google+ , indeed so recently created that have not There is not a single message on it. We will continue to watch for informing go away.

Source: GITHUB | Android Police.

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