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Basically CynogenMod is third party ROM for All types of Android devices that offers the variety of customization one can do in one’s cellular phone if one has CynogenMod installed in the device. Today I’m going to tell you about the latest themes for CynogenMod 11 is offering the themes are wonderful some of them are light some of them are heavy but it depends on your own choice which one you want to install in your handset

CynogenMod 11 Themes are all over web but we have come up with the finest and best or top 5 CynogenMod 11 themes which you can download and install on your device if you have been running the customized  CynogenMod ROM on your Android device. These CynogenMod themes available in are also compatible with the variety of other custom ROM’s that are available in the market.

The developers behind these themes have managed to deliver all types of icons and styles for their themes to let the users customized them further in that case you can have all of these themes got fixed and installed on your Android device. With all the flat flavors of the Android 4.4 KitKat the CM 11 theme is the best flattest and the lightest custom ROM for any Android fan who is looking to upgrade his device to the latest version of the Android ROM.

1- GEM

Gem performed really amazing results for CynogenMod 10, so it must be very useful in CynogenMod 11 as well. Once you got it in your cell phone you will be able to witness different sounds of different functions, colorful themes and wallpapers with a variety of amazing features and customization in the icons.

cyanogenmod-12-themes (1)

2- Holo Sense:

It is another addition in themes of colorful background with all the HTC Sense interface loaded all over it. A light theme with a refreshing touch that would decrease the pressure of reading on your eye thus giving you a soothing touch. It customizes the app appearance and more but doesn’t change the system sounds and fonts as it is free of cost all the purchases are in app purchases so you must be happy after installing this theme on your handset to make it look better with this CyanogenMod 11 theme.


3- Flats Theme: 

This theme is another addition in the black theme world but with a little touch of bold letters but the best part is it not only customizes the apps which are built in but also the third party apps are customized, the system sounds the fonts and keyboards are all changed and are really eye catching in this addition so you must try this one too. It heads with the Android lollipop  5.0 interface overloaded and have been the most simplest and quickest CyanogenMod 11 Theme so far as we have experienced.


4- Lollipop Theme:

With more Lollipop flavor all over it this themes depicts the same flatter feelings that we have seen in the Flats themes. The icons and most of the animation transactions have been found as extracted from the latest Android version of the OS. You can download this CynogenMod Lollipop Theme on your device and get the best looks and feels of Andorid 5.0 Lollipop on your device even if you have not upgraded it yet to the latest Android version. The theme do eat up RAM so stay focused about it for the CM 11 themes.

cyanogenmod-12-themes (1)

5- Flux Theme :

Well this theme is a real sober one. It customizes the background of your mobile the icons, the sounds and other alerts it is a bit heavy than the previous theme discussed. The beautiful combination of black and white theme and in some areas the maker has made the written material bold enough that one could easily read it. All new wallpapers and fonts are changed and customized just the way you wanted them to be in this Flux CyanogenMod theme.


Hope you liked our CyanogenMod 11 themes collection and you would love to try these themes on your Android device to make it look more updated then before. These themes can be downloaded and installed on the official CyanogenMod forum or you can also download CyanogenMod 11 Themes from the XDA-Forums as well under the CyanogenMod download tab.

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