Deals on patent settled between Nokia and Samsung for Another 5 Years.


The giant smartphone makers Samsung have just extended their deals regarding patents for another 5 years, so we won’t expect any war scenario between these two renowned smartphone makers. Samsung has crossed Nokia in recent years with the introduction of wide variety of smartphones with the Android Operating System as the core, While Nokia remained uncertain for quite some time and hanged with the Symbian Platform for some time realized to remain in the top list by adopting the Windows Phone 8 platform.

This current deal will let the Korean smartphone makers Samsung to access the Finnish company’s patent for next 5 years to be exact till 2019. The previous agreement was scheduled to end by ¬†January 2104, but Samsung and Nokia lawmakers sit together and agreed on extending the deals. However Nokia will get some additional compensation for the patents from Samsung for the extended period. So it is more of a win win situation for the Finnish company.

The deal will also make Samsung save from a heavy on ground competition while they are already in a one on one situation against HTC and Sony.While on the other hand Google also seem more determine with their Nexus lineup beside their acquisition of Motorola made them look more focus on experimenting to regain company’s old status especially in United States market.


The patent extension sheds some light on Nokia’s plans after the Microsoft acquisition, namely that the company will continue to make money on smartphones by “actively managing its patent portfolio and licensing activities,” which are not part of the Microsoft deal.

The recent sales figures shows that Nokia has managed to gain huge popularity with their Nokia Lumia devices. Beside that Nokia has already added some new line of budget phones for the developing markets and the response is more than what Nokia expected. While on the other hand Samsung has already rule the smartphone world by far. None of the above mentioned companies including Apple can reach the ranks of ever growing Samsung empire.

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