Delete all Data from your Android Smartphone Securely. [How to]


Due to advancement in technology there are at times when you need to replace or sell out your old android phone and wants to get an upgraded version of android phone. More or less sometime you gift out your android phone to some of your friends or family members. At the same time you would never like to share your personal data with others. For the same purpose you would like to delete your personal data from your android phone permanently. However the procedure of deleting data from an android set may vary from version to version. But the generalized instructions and procedure of deleting data is same for all android phone sets.

The following step by step procedures will guide you to securely delete all data from your Android Phone.

The microSD card:

As phone data is by default stored in MicroSD card so if you have microSD card then first of all remove it from old android set and insert into new android phone set. Most of the media and document file s are copied to new android set and gets unavailable in old Android set. All you have to do is follow these steps given below.

Step 1: Create data backup on your android phone.

Step 2: One of the very common operations will perform to import and export all the contacts and messages from your old android phone set.

Step 3: Backup and restore procedure is given below.

Step 4: First of all, on your phone select settings and select Backup and Reset.

Step 5: You need to select Back up my data. Make sure it is selected/ checked.

Step 6: Press the back button to scroll down to the ACCOUNTS.

Step 7: Select on the Google and you will see the google account option that was used to set up the phone.

Step 8: Always be sure that all the options have been checked.

Step 9: Now back up all your android phone media files by connecting your android phone to the Personal computer or laptop using the USB Data cable.


Deleting data permanently:

To delete the data permanently you have to follow these steps given below.

Step 1: First go to setting and then security and select the Encrypt phone option.

Step 2: This process may take an hour so please be patient and wait till completion of process.

Step 3: Once above process is completed please reset your phone.

Step 4: Then go back to settings and select Back up and reset option.

Step 5: Select the factory data reset and then check on Erase phone data.

Step 6: A warning message pop up will be displayed to either continue or not.You select continue option.

Step 7: This process will take some time and your phone will get reboot.

Now your data from old Android phone is completely removed permanently form your device. Hope you like this guide, don’t forget to share this awesome tip with your friends by sharing this post on clicking the sharing buttons below. Also Stay tune and follow us on TwitterFacebook or  Google +, to know more tweaks and tips.

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