Delete iPhone Call History or Backup Call logs. [ How to]


If you are iphone user, probably you are already aware of the history of your calls. It is one of the important features that can track all your calls made, picked or missed. Call history provides you with complete details and disclose everything about the call record on your iphone.

It holds large amount of information which might be unnecessary for some users. Those iphone users who want to erase the records of call history can easily edit call logs by simply deleting individual call log entry or all the entries from the log list. Iphone users who want to erase call history for whatever reasons need to follow these simple steps

This specific guide will help you do following things with the call log on your iPhone. This guide would be quite helpful for all versions of iPhones, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 or even the olders iPhone running the iOS 8.x.

  1. How to remove a single call from the logs
  2. How to erase full calls history
  3. How to backup call history

1- How to Delete a Single Call from Iphone Call Log:

  • Open the phone app and tap on “Recents” button on the screen.
  • Search for the particular log you want to delete from the list and slide horizontally on it.
  • Delete option will be appear on the screen in Red color, tap that option and particular log will be deleted from the list.

Alternative method

  • You can tap on extreme upper right “Edit” option.
  • You’ll now see the red minus button on the extreme left of the caller’s name or number.
  • Tap on it and it’s gone.

2- How to Delete Entire iphone Call History?

Once the number is deleted it’s impossible to “undo” the deleted log.

  • Click on the recent and tap “Edit” on the top right corner.
  • Now tap on clear.
  • Tap “Clear all recent” and all data of recent calls will be erased.

images (2)

3- How do you take backups of call logs?

Sometime users want to secure backups of call logs. One of the easiest way to safe is to get into the file system of your iphone. Ample of options available like iExplorer and some SSH clients but our choice would be

  • Simply using iFunbox you have to access the following folder on iphone:


  • Replicate call_history.db to your backup location on your iphone.
  • If you want the deleted history back just simply paste this in the same location and wow!! Everything is back.

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