Details of an “Apple iBeacon” Appears on Developers Code


In July last year, the specifications of a device called iBeacon appeared on the network. No one has heard from him … until today. The full documentation has been released , so there are more details of what is or may have been.What we knew was their size and function of some of its buttons, but now we also know that is a device rather for developers to run tests your bluetooth terminals and related services hyperlocal iBeacon technology.

Nothing more. A broadly , it’s like a Airport Express to work with Bluetooth receivers smartphones nearby.


To do programmers have an additional application for iPhone, presumably similar to the Airport Utility, you can configure all iBeacons easily be installed. And speaking of installation: the iBeacon has to be installed on the wall with one screw.

The more doubtful is whether this someday sale will come out. It seems designed exclusively for business and for the developers , and home users have no need to install iBeacons at home since the Wi-Fi networks are responsible for connecting everything.

O yes, because what if I want HomeKit enable or disable things in my house depending on the room in which I find ? The iBeacon could be an effective way to locate individuals within a household measure. You better stop imagining things and hopefully what evolves all this.

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