DirectX 12 will be released in 2015 along with Windows 10.


Microsoft has decided to launch their new API Standard DirectX 12. The reports have been published on different tech sites, The new API Level for their new version of the Windows 10. But the gamer have to wait for the title as it will take a while to be released.  In some reports earlier there were some rumors that the DirectX 12 might be released with the release of Windows 8.1, But there was nothing new with the Windows 8.1 update as it has the same API standard DirectX 11.3.

The new DX 12 API level was in the air as other hardware making companies like Nvidia also releasing their own DX12 which is their Voxel Based Global Illumination standard (VXGI). This new technique will produce new close to realistic photo capability with the capability of Ray Tracing alternative in the market. The new API Level will use the tiny cubes to calculate the global illumination lightning. These new device effects seems more pretty and remarkable but this same technology will be quite expensive to be utilized on the GPU. This will enforce the high end cards like the Maxwell GTX 980 and 970.


Now interestingly, DX12 will not release alone. At launch there will be multiple titles that support the new DirectX12 if Microsoft is to be believed and Unreal Engine 4 is already in early access to fully understand and exploit the new API. This would mean we should ave a decent selection of games to thoroughly judge the API and view (hopefully) unbiased results instead of relying on company benches. A successful launch of the same will also ensure much needed migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10, something that Microsoft now desperately needs.

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